My Son

My Son was the most sacred place of the Champa kingdom. It is in the present day Quang Nam Province, about 30 kilometers west of the town of Tra Kieu, once the site of a capital of Champa. Protected by a circle of mountains, there were over 70 structures of brick and stone, most of which were dedicated to Shiva.

During the first survey and excavations conducted by Henri Parmentier and Charles Carpeaux (1903-04), the My Son relics were classified using letters for the groups of buildings and numbers for each building in the group. For example, Tower A1 is the principal building in Group A.

Epigraphic evidence on the stelae at My Son indicates that construction began as early as the 4th or 5th century. However the oldest remains, Group E, are dated to the 7th century. The best preserved are from the 10th and 11th centuries, mainly in Group A, B, C and D. Group G and the main tower of Group B were erected in the 11th -13th centuries.

The exhibited sculptures show the styles in the evolution of the art of Champa.


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